Our prime mission is to impart the quality based technical education to the students so that they develop and inculcate the values, culture and ethics in the world of Engineering and Technology. Moreover it will facilitate sound basis for engineering principles, innovative ideas and excellent professional ethics, which will be utilized for the overall development of the Society, Nation and Mankind.


The vision of our institute is infinite. Now-a-days the world is going towards the explosion of various kinds of technology. As a result there is a strong demand for human skills to perform such tasks as operating specialized Machines, Software, Hardware as well as communicating and analyzing, evaluating in other core areas of technical fields. Moreover India is a fast developing country in the field of Engineering & Technology and it acquires a prominent place in the world. So we will make students to vigorous themselves in the age of technology.

Our Ideology

The Knowledge Group, established in 2007, has been traversing the path of Education under the guidance and inspiration of Mr. Rajesh Chauhan. The group consistently strives to achieve peak of excellence in the academic field as well as in life itself through a large variety of well organized curricular and co-currucular programmes. The intensive and all round training is directed towards the development of the virtues like honesty, courage, initiative, dynamism, modesty, tolerance, self confidence, loyalty, team spirit, co-operation and responsibility.